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Feeling overwhelmed with mom-to-be mania?

It’s time to prepare emotionally, physically, and mentally for motherhood, so you can welcome your baby with complete confidence and love.

Your pregnancy, demystified.

Now that you’re pregnant, you may feel scared, overwhelmed, excited, and a million other emotions. This is to be expected! 

Countdown To Baby helps you navigate this unknown, beautiful world of motherhood.
We’ve gathered expert, holistically aligned information on prenatal nutrition, doulas, lactation consultants, and more. 

Together, we show you how to prepare to bring your new baby home.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there about pregnancy and want ONE source that gathers all the best information to help you on this journey, then you’re in the right place!

Countdown To Baby is a comprehensive, simple-to-follow program that provides all the information expecting moms need.

Hi there! I’m Bridjet Morris.

I’ve spent years studying the intricacies of health and wellness, and have dedicated my life to empowering women to seek happier, healthier, more intentional lives. 
As a mother of two, I’ve worked with naturopathic doctors, massage therapists, yoga instructors, acupucturists, nutritionists, health coaches, midwives, lactation consultants, and doulas. You name it—I’ve studied it!
With my breadth of experience, I aim to help women discover and tap into their own personal wellness in pregnancy and motherhood.
The conversations that started on my popular blog have evolved into this comprehensive online course, which allows new moms to embrace their changing bodies and feel more present throughout their pregnancy.
I’m honored to support other women, helping moms-to-be like yourself embrace and enjoy their pregnancy. It’s a truly magical time, as long as you approach the experience with mindfulness and open-mindedness.

Countdown to Baby is perfect for the mom-to-be who feels... 


+ Excited to have all your questions about pregnancy answered.
+ Excited to get advice about what has and hasn’t worked from a like-minded mother who’s been there and experienced it.
+ Excited to get advice on what questions to ask your doctors.
+ Excited to learn about pregnancy topics people don’t openly discuss.

...but still unsure

+ Unsure to which experts and resources to turn before your baby arrives.
+ Unsure what is an optimal nutrition and exercise plan during pregnancy.
+ Unsure how to prepare a birth plan.
+ Unsure how to nurture a healthy relationship with your partner during pregnancy.
+ Unsure where to get answers to all your pregnancy-related questions.

Ready for more details? Let’s dive in!

Join Countdown To Baby NOW!

Module 1 sets you up for a successful pregnancy, diving into the unknown with open arms, mindfully and intentionally.

+ Learn how to take ownership of your body and energy space to welcome your pregnancy with love and kindness.

+ Feel more peaceful while pregnant when you may feel most vulnerable.

+ Awaken your inner goddess and discover the true meaning and importance of connecting with your baby.

Module 2 emphasizes the importance of nutrition, because with what and how you nourish your body directly affects the health of your baby.

+ Rid of your preconceived notions of "diet" and replace it with a more grounded, holistic approach to food that's rooted in love.

+ Identify pregnancy-safe foods.

+ Decide which supplements will best support your baby’s growth.

Module 3 encourages you to break down your fears and hesitations about your changing body.

+ Strengthen your relationship with and re-examine your childhood memories around food.

+ Create healthier habits and mindsets from which your baby will learn.

Module 4 is about igniting romance, building trust, and fostering strong communication with your partner.

+ Explore new ways to connect more deeply and intimately while curbing anger and fear.

+ Learn how to more openly communicate and be more intimate with one another, because ultimately you're pregnant together.

+ Work on developing your loving relationship so your baby mirrors your best selves.

Module 5 aims to break down that which limits you so you can move into motherhood with full emotional availability.

+ Face your fears and forgive—yourself and others—to release negativity.

+ Refocus newfound positive energy toward your baby and growing family.

Module 6 offers a step-by-step guide for everything to do prior to delivery.

+ Be prepared to bring your baby home.

+ Feel confident about your delivery.

Module 7 focuses on taking time to reward and honor yourself.

+ Learn how to give yourself permission and the space to honor yourself.

+ Celebrate the hard work of growing a baby.

Module 8 discusses the rite of passage into motherhood.

+ Know what to do and what to expect the first few weeks after bringing your baby home.

+ Learn how to nurture a calming environment for your new family.

Module 9 discloses the unexpected surrounding pregnancy so you’re prepared to love and care for your baby no matter what.

+ Learn about various birth complications and postpartum depression.

+ Find out ways to feel more supported by those around you—no matter the obstacle.

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